Humanativa’s Forecast Engine. The experience in the field of transport.

In this article, we report an excerpt from an experiment conducted in 2022 on passenger flow data at a nationwide airport's Point Of Interest.

AutoForecast – Humanativa’s forecasting engine

This in-depth analysis introduces the theme of the "time-series" algorithms that are the basis of the concept of "forecasting"

MLOps – Governing ML Services

As for many of the processes that have had a principle of innovation at the base, Machine Learning is also facing a path from a perspective of experimentation...

Embarking on the AI-driven journey

In this article we want to explain in detail how companies can become AI-driven according to Humanativa Group.

Data Democratization

Data democratization refers to the practice of making data accessible and usable by a wide range of users...

Humanativa Group meets the students of the Master of Data Science at the Industrial Liaison Program Day 2023 (ILP2023)

Humanativa Group is among the Italian and European companies chosen by the University of Rome to participate in […]

Generative adversarial networks (GANS)

GANs are part of the generative neural network models.  A genetic algorithm is an example of an “evolutionary […]

Machine learning: reinforcement learning

Reinforcement Learning is one of the hottest topics in the field of Machine Learning, and also one of […]

Neural networks: feed-forward and recurrent neural networks

Recurring models (RNNs)   Neural networks can be divided into two main categories: Feed-forward and Recurrent Neural Network (RNN).  […]

Feed-forward neural networks -CNN – convolutional neural network

 In the previous article we described in general the functioning of neural networks, in this second publication we […]

Deep learning the technology of the future, what is it and why it represents the next frontier of Humanativa

In recent years, the research and development activity carried out by Humanativa has been aimed at the theme […]

Artificial intelligence: Steps forward for human beings

For over 50 years, molecular biologists from research institutes around the world have focused their studies on protein, […]