Passenger flow forecast

The Challenge An important airport management company entrusted us with a project related to the analysis and understanding […]

Air Transportation
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Credit risk scoring

The Challenge Today, modern “digital” banks in particular offer services such as “digital wallets with attached digital payment […]

Crash validation

The Challenge Today cars are equipped with electronic devices with GPS locator (black box) which allow to record […]

Customer insight fo up and cross selling

The Challenge In financial services, as in other industry contexts, the transformation process towards an Ai-driven company is […]

Behavioral analytics and accident risk

The Challenge A major automotive rental service company in the automotive sector requested the study of an Advanced […]

Advanced analytics for intelligence tools

La Challenge Build a Machine Learning solution that can be used as an investigation tool (OSINT). The challenge […]

Credit collection and churn retention

The Challenge An important Energy company requested the study of a Machine Learning solution to prevent the risk […]

Intelligent system for passenger profile and screening investigation

The Challenge On 28/12/2017 the Lazio Region admitted to grant the research project “Intelligent system for passenger profile […]

Air Transportation
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