We ensure a path of Applied Research, following the evolution of new algorithms, applying them in pilot projects, verifying their usability before adopting them in our solutions.

Solutions and Applied Research

We provide Machine Learning Solutions able to solve problems of Classification, Prediction, Forecast, Clustering, Behavior, Natural Language Processing (NLP), in different industrial contexts such as IOT, Banking, Automotive, Energy.

Machine Learning Maturity Model

We apply a rigorous and scalable approach in projects with a view to continuous improvement, verifying the maturity of the entire end-to-end ML process over time in terms of cost, process and results monitoring.

Data Science

Team of Data Scientists able to create Models and Monitor the Service. Data Architect and MLOps Engineers to define the Architectures and Govern the ML processes in MLOPS.


An Effective Tool for Making Predictions

Convolutional Neural Networks

The effectiveness of Neural Networks in Object Detection field


The Effectiveness of the Two-Level Clustering Technique

NLP & Text Mining

Natural Language Processing (NLP) & Text Mining


Humanativa is able to help Organizations become AI-Driven.

To this purpose, we provide our methodological approach to support the customer in all phases of the end-to-end Machine Learning Cycle.

Amazon Web Services

Google Cloud Platform



AutoML Training to the Business Customer to make it autonomous in the experimentation of Models via AutoML offered by Cloud Computing Services (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google GCP)

Consulting in Data Science

Development of Machine Learning Models.
Consulting for the improvement of Business Processes.
Planning and Cost Management of ML Services in Cloud.

Advanced Analytics

Implementation of specific ML solutions.
Data Visualization, Advanced Analytics.
Model Embedded, Integrating Models into Third-Party Applications.
Cloud Services, Microservices & Rest Services.


Lifecycle management of Machine Learning solutions both in Cloud Computing and On Premise.
Monitoring the Performance of Models in Operation.

Use case

Passenger flow forecast

The Challenge An important airport management company entrusted us with a project related to the analysis and understanding […]

Air Transportation
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Credit risk scoring

The Challenge Today, modern “digital” banks in particular offer services such as “digital wallets with attached digital payment […]

Crash validation

The Challenge Today cars are equipped with electronic devices with GPS locator (black box) which allow to record […]

Customer insight fo up and cross selling

The Challenge In financial services, as in other industry contexts, the transformation process towards an Ai-driven company is […]


Humanativa’s Forecast Engine. The experience in the field of transport.

In this article, we report an excerpt from an experiment conducted in 2022 on passenger flow data at a nationwide airport's Point Of Interest.

AutoForecast – Humanativa’s forecasting engine

This in-depth analysis introduces the theme of the "time-series" algorithms that are the basis of the concept of "forecasting"

MLOps – Governing ML Services

As for many of the processes that have had a principle of innovation at the base, Machine Learning is also facing a path from a perspective of experimentation...

Embarking on the AI-driven journey

In this article we want to explain in detail how companies can become AI-driven according to Humanativa Group.