Behavioral analytics and accident risk


The Challenge

A major automotive rental service company in the automotive sector requested the study of an Advanced Analytics solution based on Machine Learning to gain knowledge of the assets of data relating to Customers, Customer Services, such as vehicle maintenance, and behavior on the use of vehicles.


The Solution

The solution was to accompany the Customer in the activities of the new Business structure dedicated to corporate Advanced Analytics, transversal to the production sectors, in order to discover together the value of data and give way to face future projects with specific objectives based on Machine Learning.

The activities made it possible to integrate different types of information from the company Data Lake, allowing the first corporate analytics to be built across all Business Units related to Contract and Customer Clustering, collecting contract data, vehicle data, vehicle use data, claims and vehicle maintenance data. The activities made it possible to identify Behavioral Patterns (Pattern Recognition) for Customer segments, but also unusual patterns on the use of both Vehicle Maintenance services and on the use of the vehicle itself and finally geo-localized Analytics of the phenomena identified.


The Benefits

The primary benefit was to demonstrate how to build together with the Advanced Analytics BU a new way of seeing the wealth of data available in the company. The second benefit was to identify a segmentation of Customers and Contracts according to characteristics of behavior both driving and using services (such as claims and maintenance in the workshop).  This Analytics will allow the organization to have more elements to make decisions during the renewal of contracts, as well as to know the points of service offered to the Customer where to improve control.


Humanativa’s role

Implementation of the Machine Learning Pilot service, from the creation of Machine Learning Models to Advanced Analytics. Planning of the Executive Project of Advanced Analytics and Operational and Management Consulting Services.