Advanced analytics for intelligence tools


La Challenge

Build a Machine Learning solution that can be used as an investigation tool (OSINT).

The challenge stems from the idea of integrating proprietary methodologies and solutions, from which arises the possibility of addressing Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) issues, for the development of “intelligence tools”.


The Solution

Engineering a solution to integrate data from all available sources, types and sizes.

Transform unstructured data – videos, images, text and online content – into accessible data.

The solution allows you to extend the terms “open source” by collecting information from new public sources.


The Benefits

It allows you to use a series of algorithms related to NLP analysis of content:

  • Topic detection

o Detection of the topic covered by a text

  • Sentiment analysis

o Detection of the judgment, positive or negative, expressed by a text on a given topic (sentiment analysis)

  • Reputation analysis
  • Content suggestion
  • Information & relation extraction

o Detection of predefined entities, within a text (information extraction) and, possibly, of the logical relationships between them (relation extraction)


Humanativa’s Role

 Engineering of proprietary components and implementation of the Machine Learning solution.