Artificial intelligence at … high speed!


Although even today the term “Artificial Intelligence” is used with a certain skepticism and, in some cases, with the fear that “machines will replace man”, there are more and more cases in which the application of Artificial Intelligence proves to be a tool for the benefit of innovation and, consequently, of the general well-being. 

In modern organizations, decisions are based on more and more data and increasingly challenging conditions. The decision-making process that takes the name of AI-based Decision Making, is a field of research that studies the relationship between Decision Support Systems, Artificial Intelligence and the ability of people to make correct decisions. 

The A.I. is proving to be an increasingly indispensable tool even in one of the sectors with the highest rate of innovation and competitiveness such as Formula 1 (where the challenge begins already in qualifying during which the “strategy” to be adopted, based on consolidated rules and always different data) can determine the position on the starting grid and the success of the race. 

In addition, in the same sector, Artificial Intelligence is supporting the most advanced teams in the design of materials, then used to produce life-saving chassis, and in the search for less polluting fuels, without affecting the performance of the engines. 

It is clear that these solutions, transferred on a large scale, will generate benefits in terms of reducing harm to people as well as significant reductions in pollution rates.