Microsoft Azure


Our service capacity in the Cloud Service field is defined by professional figures expert in the related fields:

  • Data Scientists for Model Development using Model Building Services.
  • MLOps Engineers & Data Scientists for the Governance of the Machine Learning Process with MLOPS tools.

Business Analyst & Data Scientists to accompany the Customer in the use of AutoML solutions 

Model Building

  • Azure Machine Learning Studio/Automated ML
  • Designer (Drag-and-drop interface to speed up model building via Pipeline)

MLOps – Service for Deploy, Monitoring and Retraining & Governance

  • MLFlow: Tracking and model deployment, model API
  • Azure Machine Learning – End Point
  • Azure Monitoring
  • Automated Retraining


  • Azure Machine Learning – AutoML: classification, regression, forecasting, computer vision & NLP


  • Python SDK / Jupyter