Google Cloud Platform


Our service capacity in the Cloud Service field is defined by professional figures expert in the related fields:

  • Data Scientists for Model Development using Model Building Services
  • MLOps Engineers & Data Scientists for the Governance of the Machine Learning Process with MLOPS tools
  • Business Analyst & Data Scientists to accompany the Customer in the use of AutoML solutions

Model Building

  • Vertex AI, Big Query ML, Vertex Data Labeling, Spark
  • Vertex AI Training

MLOps – Service for Deploy, Monitoring and Retraining & Governance

  • Vertex AI Workbench (Development & EndPoint)
  • Vertex AI Pipelines, Vertex ML Metadata
  • Vertex AI Prediction
  • Vertex AI Model Monitoring


  • Vertex AI
  • AutoML Tabular, Vertex AI Tabula Workflows
  • AutoML Image, AutoML Video, Vertex AI Vision
  • AutoML Text (Sentiment Analysis)


  • TensorFlow, PyTorch, Python scikit-learn, Deep Learning Containers