NLP & Text Mining



Text, whether digitised or from paper sources, contains information that is often not retrievable in advanced analytics.
There are many contexts in which the information to be retrieved is also crucial for building ML-based analyses.
Just think of diagnoses in the medical field, or court documents in the legal field, or even documents of government, institutions, security, etc…

Humanativa – Tools and Expertise

Language Processing (NLP) & Text Mining

In AI and Machine Learning processes, text is one of the sources on which Data Preparation needs additional techniques to add information to the data.

Information ‘derived’ with Text Mining or Sentiment Analysis or other natural language related techniques are the solution where the information domain needs to be reinforced before applying ML algorithms.

The recent partnership (2023) signed with adds more robustness to Humanativa’s AI and ML solutions. is a leading company in natural language software services. Many organisations in the insurance, banking and finance, publishing, media and defence industries rely on to transform language into data, analyse and understand complex documents, and accelerate process automation.


Text analysis with the platform helps to build ‘enriched datasets’ for any supervised or unsupervised ML service request, because it enriches the information with additional analytics regarding the source textual data.

Use Case

There are strategies in place and use cases in progress to integrate Humanativa experiences with experiences in order to strengthen our joint service offering.