Some topics under observation

  • Graph Neural Network Framework for Forecast Analysis based on Graph Neural Networks (GNNs) capable of capturing spatial and temporal data. The framework is applicable in the SmartCity, IOT, Automotive context to support urban traffic planning and urban traffic governance.
  • Process Mining Framework for operational support to process workflows with the help of deep learning and supervised models (classification and regression) to make predictions on future process outcomes (e.g. predicting the time to close a process, the probability of success, the overall cost or the type of resource involved…)
  • Generative AI Use of LLM (Large Language Model) techniques for text analysis, text restructuring, summarisation…
  • Voice Recognition: Voice recognition in the medical field: voice analysis to determine a person’s state of health
  • Behavioural Analytics: Already applied by the team in the PSD2 – Finance Anti-Fraud area, Behavioural Analytics is one of the strategic technological trends that follow the direction of increasingly improving knowledge through data.